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About MP Render

M P Render has been established since 2009
Matt has over 20 years experience in plastering and rendering. He is UK trained in all types of render, internal and external plastering from premixed bags, sand and cement, whiteset to gyprock setting and sheeting, he is a wealth of knowledge and can provide advise on what would best suit your needs. 
He has a great eye for detail and is very professional. 


What is rendering?

Cement rendering is an affordable way of upgrading the appearance of your property and raising its value. It also provides long lasting protection from the element rain, hail or shine.

MP Rendering offers several specialist services that focus on improving the quality of your home or commercial property in Brisbane.

Whether you require interior rendering, skim rendering or exterior rendering, we have it covered. We specialize in Acrylic Rendering, Stucco Rendering, White Set Rendering, Texture Rendering & Plastering Services.

Let Matt give your indoor & outdoor settings a new refreshed look, with a cement rendered finish. Whether you’re a home or business owner, we will give your property a modern and contemporary upgrade.

Types of rendering finish



Greatly improves look

Great use for indoors

Great smooth finish

Paint with your colours

Durable finish with long lifetime

Increase your house value

White set

White Set Render is a beautiful way to bring the Render Texture indoors.

It is an interior finish where we skim render the walls 2 times to make sure it is well prepared.

We then finish off with two coats of white set to get a nice smooth glass finish.

White Set Rendering is ideal for indoor walls and can be painted to your preferred color to suit your interior living and furniture.



Stucco Rendering is your ideal Render application for outside settings, such as Outdoor BBQ Area’s, Exterior of House, Stucco Render is often rougher than indoor rendering, giving it better texture against the elements.

We can make your Stucco Render Texture, the consistently that suits your application, whether it be rough or smooth. We can advise you on the best consistency depending on where and how you want to use it. Stucco Render can be painted to fit in with the surrounding.


ideal for outdoor

choose how course you want the look

strong weather resistant finish

paint with your preferred color

strong weather resistant finish


Great for indoors

clean smooth finish

paint with your colours


Acrylic Rendering is a top coat we use to give a coarse, consistent granular finish.

We use acrylic mixes from Ezycoat, the leading supplier in the industry. You can find out more about Ezy Coat. Acrylic Render is designed for different cement render such as skim rendered and cladded surfaces.

Please ask us and we can tell you more about it.



Textures add depth and dimension like no other wall coating. They are perfect for enhancing a specific architectural style, or evoking the natural beauty of sand, marble or stone.

Give your render a contemporary, flexible, acrylic texture which ultimately creates a better looking finish, protects the render and most importantly, minimizes unsightly cracking.


ideal for outdoor

choose how course you want the look

strong weather resistant finish

paint with your preferred color

strong weather resistant finish


The changing face and advancements in building material technology has made it necessary for bagged render systems to become more versatile and ezy to use, and more compatible to the new building systems entering the building industry. This new generation of advanced skim renders such as Ezycoat ECA Render will provide applicators with this flexibility.
ECA Render is a high quality pre-mixed Render designed for a thin section cement rendering. It consists of finely graded quartz sand with the addition of the latest in polymer additives in conjunction with Portland cement conforming to AS 3972.

The addition of higher concentration of polymer and stabilised powders enhance performance and improve adhesion, flexibility and application, whilst providing water repellent properties.
With only the addition of water, ECA Render will provide you with a render system that is very versatile and ezy to use on a wide variety of Light Weight Panel Systems now available on the market.

Ezycoat Sand 800

Ezycoat Sand 800 is an acrylic texture finish. It consists of a coarse grade of quartz fillers and marble mixed with binders integrated with in a mixture of acrylic emulsion and pigments. This decorative granular finish emulates what mother nature has taken a lifetime to produce, with the assistance of extreme temperature and pressure creating a fusion of various mineral particles. Ezycoat Sand 800 replicates this product giving you versatility in extending the decorative finish parameters.

Ezycoat Sand 800 joins the range of decorative finishes such as Ezycoat Fine Finish & Ezycoat Polymer to provide a product that has been specifically designed as a top coat to various cementious render and skim rendered surfaces. Its coarse granular appearance makes it attractive for use over a variety of fibre cement cladding systems and precast concrete surfaces. Ezycoat Sand 800 is a one part product that once mixed is ready for immediate use straight from the pail. The coarse granular particles allow Ezycoat Sand 800 to be troweled on in a one coat application, with the ability to cater for minor   imperfections which may exist in the surface.

Ezycoat Sand 800 has been designed to produce a highly decorative external synthetic finish which is suitable for application to a variety of surfaces that would not normally accept a traditional render or modified skim render. Ezycoat Sand 800 is ideally suited for application over propriety installed Fibre cement sheeted surfaces. Its ability to adhere to smooth surfaces and its flexible nature make it suitable for this type of application. It also suitable for use as a finish over existing Ezycoat Textured finishes &   traditional rendered or Ezycoat EzySkim Render ,Ezypump, ECA and Ezycoat Super 6 surfaces.